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What can I expect from a consultation?

Consultations include the taking of a full medical and lifestyle background, Iris review (iris can indicate specific areas of the body to nurture), analysis of hands and nails (may indicate specific nutrient requirements). Taking of a small hair sample for Bio-Compatibility Testing. To find out more about Bio-Compatibility Testing you may like to read ourĀ Bio-Compatibility Brochure.

From this the following individual fertility plan is formed:

  • A healthy eating plan based on the results of Bio-Compatibility Testing
  • Specific Nutritional and Herbal supplementation
  • A detoxification program, if necessary
  • Lifestyle Choices
  • Advice on stress management and exercise, if necessary

*A follow up consultation occurs to go through the results of the Bio-Compatibility test and then to formulate your individual plan.

2 weeks after implementation of your plan there is a further consultation to see how well you are implementing the plan and answer any questions that may arise. A further follow up occurs 4 weeks later to further check on progress and further consultations may be arranged as required. These are generally at 8 week intervals or more.

The fertility plan is natural, safe and effective in most cases and can also be applied to those choosing Artificial Reproductive Techniques such as IVF and ICSI.

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Service Duration Price
Initial Consultation 90mins $130.00
Follow Up Consult 45mins $90.00
Couples’ Consultation 120mins $220.00

Discounts available to holders of a valid concession card.

Private Medical Rebates Available (Most Major Health Funds)